The consumer is the basis of business prosperity. Lithuania is a wonderful country with beautiful architecture and gorgeous landscapes, but other countries have better developed tourism traditions, devotes more sponsorship for tourism prosperity, so it‘s difficult to compete. However, Lithuania is famous for people who have good ideas and are not afraid of challenges.

One of these pearls is a project – DISABLED ENABLED, conceived in Lithuania.

While constantly and everywhere talking about the need to integrate people with disabilities into the life, but none country in the world is not actually done anything yet. Therefore DISABLED ENABLED can become not only the first real example of integration of the disabled into life, but also promote Lithuania, especially at a time when Lithuania presiding in EU.

The most important thing – that the project DISABLED ENABLED made Lithuania the first attraction place of disabled people.

What it requires and where is the point?
Any traveler when planning his trips, analyse travel routes and coordinate circumstances. A disabled person to do it is even more difficult . Although it states that most of the hotels and restaurants and other places of recreation are suitable for the disabled , mostly – it’s just a formalities. Who is able to confirm adaptability best? Of course, only the disabled person. We know how to do it, we know how made a real integration of disabled people into life, to raise funds to Lithuania, by contributing to the improvement of Lithuanian economy. When a person planning his trips, he deals with a variety of options: interested in prices, possibilities, quality of service, chose trip evaluating various criterions.

DISABLED ENABLED tasks is to create a tool for route planning by the individual disabled person need and to develop a system which will enable to mark easily/hardly accessible places. Moreover, together performed urbanism development, considering the needs of disabled people, a new potential customer base development for business and the business untapped new potential niche.

Therefore the city becomes more available and rise the opportunity to visit the city, planning the route to the details. At the purposive product development time will be created IT tool for the social integration of disabled people into the urban space.

Cyberspace has no principled geographical limitation, can plan the trips with DISABLED ENABLED help at any point in the world, which means the appearance of funds at the city budget.